Welcome to FPL 2015: 2 to 4 September 2015

Head over to www.fpl2016.org for information regarding FPL 2016, to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland!

The International Conference on Field-programmable Logic and Applications (FPL) was the first and remains the largest conference covering the rapidly growing area of field-programmable logic. During the past 24 years, many of the advances achieved in reconfigurable system architectures, applications, embedded processors, design automation methods and tools were first published in the proceedings of the FPL conference series. Its objective is to bring researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry around the world together.

The 25th annual FPL conference will be hosted by Imperial College London from 2 to 4 September 2015 at the Royal Institution, London, UK, where Michael Faraday conducted his famous experiments on electromagnetism. Tutorials and associated workshops will be offered on 31 August, 1 and 4 September. FPL 2015 will introduce a new angle, towards power-efficient and self-aware FPGA accelerators and heterogeneous platforms for high-performance computing, embedded and cyber-physical systems. Highlights of FPL 2015 will include keynotes from academia and industry.

FPL 2015 is pleased to invite all delegates to attend the Imagination University Programme MIPSfpga workshop, being held at Imperial College London on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 September 2015.