Demo Night

This session will contain demos from academia and industry.

Date Wednesday 2 September 2015
Time 18:15 – 20:00
Location Royal Institution Library

Session chairs

Koen Bertels (Technische Universiteit Delft, NL)
Jose Nunez-Yanez (University of Bristol, UK)

AmBRAMs – An Analysis Tool, Method and Framework for Advanced Measurements And Reliability Assessments on Modern Nanoscale FPGAs
Petr Pfeifer

7 MOPS/Lemon-battery Image Processing Demonstration with an Ultra Low-power Reconfigurable Accelerator CMA-SOTB-2
Koichiro Masuyama, Yu Fujita, Hayate Okuhara and Hideharu Amano

Design and Simulation Tools for Embedded NoCs on FPGAs
Mohamed Abdelfattah, Andrew Bitar, Ange Yaghi and Vaughn Betz

NetFPGA – Rapid Prototyping of High-bandwidth Devices in Open Source
Noa Zilberman, Yury Audzevich, Georgina Kalogeridou, Neelakandan Manihatty-Bojan, Jingyun Zhang and Andrew Moore

Building a Distributed Key-value Store with FPGA-based Micro-servers
Zsolt Istvan, David Sidler and Gustavo Alonso

High-Level FPGA Logic Synthesis from .NET Programs for Software Developers
Zoltán Lehóczky, Richárd Tóth and Krisztián Somogyi

Hierarchical Library-based Power Estimator for Versatile FPGAs
Hao Liang, Wei Zhang, Sharad Sinha, Yi-Chung Chen and Hai Li

FPGA-based All-digital Software-defined Radio System Demonstration
Rui Cordeiro, André Prata, Arnaldo Oliveira, Nuno Carvalho and José Vieira

Computing to the Limit with CPU-FPGA Hybrids and Adaptive Voltage Scaling
Jose Nunez-Yanez

Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling: a Real-world Example
James Davis, Joshua Levine, Edward Stott, George Constantinides and Peter Cheung

Ultra-low Latency Ray-casting on a DFE
Sebastian Friston

FPGA in the Cloud: Altera Technologies Boosting Homomorphic Encryption
Alessandro Cilardo

Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of a DC Machine with Altera Boards
Mickaël Hilairet